You have arrived at the documentation for Invoiced Business Network. Here you can learn how to set up your account to send and receive invoices, make payments, and connect third party integrations.

Invoiced Business Network
Invoiced Business Network

Complete your profile

When you are first setting up Invoiced Business Network you will want to complete your profile in order for customers and vendors to be able to recognize you. You can edit your profile in the Invoiced Business Network web application by clicking Edit Profile.

Invoiced Business Network Profile
Invoiced Business Network Profile

Building your network

Once you have completed your profile you are now ready to invite your customers and vendors to your network. You must connect to an organization in your network before you can send or receive documents to/from that connection.

Making invoices

Invoices (and other documents) are sent from your accounting system, billing system, or any other software that makes your invoices today. If you do not have a software to make invoices then you can use Invoice-Generator.com (free).

Sending invoices

Once you have created your invoice, you can send it to your recipient. If you've created the invoice in accounting system that is integrated then you can send it through the network directly from the accounting system. If an integration is not available then you can upload the invoice file by going to Documents Send Document from the Invoiced Business Network web application.

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