How It Works

Invoiced Business Network was created to make it easier to transact with other businesses. In this guide we will explain how it works.

Invoiced Business Network allows you to build a network of businesses that you trade with. Once a customer or vendor is in your network you can exchange documents with each other. At a high level this is how Invoiced Business Network is used:

How Invoiced Business Network Works
How Invoiced Business Network Works

Sending an invoice

Let's walk through a simple example to illustrate how to send an invoice using Invoiced Business Network.

Add a customer to your network

  1. Go to the My Network page and click on the New Connection button.
  2. Enter the email address or PayName of your customer. If you do not know your customer's PayName then you should use their email address.
  3. Your customer will receive a notification to create a free Invoiced Business Network account if they are new. Otherwise they will be asked to approve or deny your connection request.

You only have to connect with a customer once. We will send you a notification once they have accepted. After you are connected you can begin to send invoices and other trade documents to this customer.

Create and send an invoice

  1. Go to Invoice-Generator.com to draft a new invoice.
  2. Once you are ready to send your invoice click the Send Invoice button.
  3. A screen will appear asking if you want to add any payment links to your invoice. Then click the Next button.
  4. You will return to Invoiced Business Network with your invoice already uploaded and ready to send. Select the contact you want to send to and click Send.

That's it! Your contact will receive a notification about the new invoice and can use the status updates to notify you about the status of the invoice as well as make a payment using any payment link you provided.

If you ever need to reference the invoice you can find it in the Documents page.

Integrating other software systems

Invoiced Business Network is open, meaning that you can use documents that originate from any software system, including ERPs, accounts receivable and accounts payable systems. Invoiced Business Network includes many integrations out of the box.

Developing custom integrations

In order to utilize invoices from external systems you must upload it formatted using Universal Business Language (UBL). This is a format other software must be able to generate in order to be interoperable with Invoiced Business Network.

Once you have a UBL file from your software system, such as an invoice, you can send it to any contact in your network on the Send Document page.

It is also possible to receive data from Invoiced Business Network in other software systems. Any document that is received on the network could be read by other software systems and integrated into your back office processes. The documents available on Invoiced Business Network contain detailed information, down to the line item, that can be used to drive many different kinds of automation.

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