You can setup the Wave integration by going to the Apps page and clicking the Connect button underneath Wave. Once you click connect you will be prompted to authorize Invoiced Business Network to access your Wave account.

Once you grant access the integration, you must then go to the Settings page of the Wave integration. Here you can enable the Send Posted Invoices option if you want to send invoices created on Wave.

Sending Invoices

You can send invoices from Wave to anyone on the network. Once you are finished drafting your invoice on Wave you will need to approve your invoice. This will send the invoice to the organization matching the customer's email address. If there is no match then your cusotmer will be invited to join your network.

The invoice that is sent to your customer will include all of the line item details from Wave. It will also include a PDF of the invoice and the Wave payment link.

When do invoices get sent out? The integration periodically looks for new invoices that have been modified since the last sync, or since installation if no sync has been performed yet. Invoices created or modified prior to the installation will NOT by synced.

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